Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Learning about Copyright in Open Academia

The first workshop on how to apply the open academic model in practice was hosted Monday March 29, 2010. In this workshop they explored copyright options and how to find, use and contribute free media resources. On their open academia blog you can watch the recorded workshop and read "how did the workshop go?" I think the workshop helped people from the look of it. What do you think?

The same day as the workshop took place I had an idea myself about how open academia could be applied in practice. At the time I did not know a workshop was to take place the same day. The idea centered around whether a non-profit organization to provide an open education standard with the intent to be listed as a recognized accredited agency by United States Department of Education could feasibly be started.

I mentioned my idea to some people as part of a discussion we were having. One person suggested that if I could somehow pull that off, people would likely be lining up at my doorstep wanting to hire me. I think this idea might be worth exploring further as part of some open academia project, even if only as a theoretical idea or thought experiment. Perhaps this is one way open management of open academic resources might be achieved?

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