Sunday, March 28, 2010

Learning about Open Academia

Is using an open academic model the answer that Universities need to have a competitive edge in the battle to get students to willingly pay for the honor of attending their classes? I think Universities can succeed with this model if they can embrace a combination of green technologies to reduce or eliminate energy costs, learning materials designed around an open curriculum standard that is released under a copyleft license to reduce or eliminate curriculum costs, a system whereby students teach students after the first year or semester to reduce or eliminate teaching costs, and businesses help by both giving students on the job experience and by reducing or eliminating remaining costs.

I think a copyleft curriculum could be easier for Universities to change and adapt for their specific needs, and be of a higher quality to boot, whereas a closed curriculum and curriculum standard is designed by committee.

Ads on tv are always promising a great deal for the low low payment of $19.95 a month for x months. Could the future be Universities where the cost of attending is as low as $19.95 USD a month for 4 years? I think Universities can do it, but at $957.60 for 4 years per student that would be a great reduction in cost which might take a lot of persuasion to pull off. I wonder which leads to bankruptcy faster today health care or an education.

A University embracing open academia is also supposed to have open management . I will surely blog about that someday once I understand the concept and how it would work.

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