Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Learning about content management systems

A content management system is a system that allows people to contribute to and share information. A good content management system should make communicate and collaboration easy for contributors.

I think content management systems need some personality. A social content management system to coin a term. People should be able to express themselves through a personalized profile/bio page with customized layout and styling.

How about some personal feedback? How about allowing people to personalize their personal feedback page too? How about feedback being accessible from the personal page of anyone that has provided feedback too? How about alerting anyone that wishes when there has been some communication updates?

How about giving collaborative work some personality? How about including some desktop publishing features? How about allowing people to define a style guide that can be applied to one or more pages? How about sharing style guides?

How about some polls, and pie charts to display some statistics visually?

How about a communication system that works well when dealing with thousands of responses?

A guy can dream, or do something about it.

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